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With #votali you will be able to rate every italian party and member of the parliament. You will also be able to participate in daily political polls.

Please be aware that the app is only available for Italian users, and that you wil be able to cast a single vote for every MP and party, per day.

The app is not a statistical or political tool, it’s just a way for everybody to evaluate and rate the Italian Parliament.

All the results will be visible both on the app and on the web site www.votali.it



  • You ratings will be anonymous: #votali will generate an unique id (using just the device data and no personal data): this id will be used to identify the device while you give your ratings;
  • Goelocalization: should you give the consent to it, every rating you will express will be tagged with an approximate geographical position. This position will be used in the future just to show the geographical distribution of the utilization of #votali
  • No other information (all the more, no personal informations) will be sent to #votali servers
  • You can rate parties both in the Chamber and in the Senate.
  • The avereage for parties and MP are calculated mothly, and will be reset each month;
  • You could see the averages of the ratings i nthe past 8 weeks, in the party/MP detail
You can see the results from your desktop PC on www.votali.it Acknowledgments
  • Thanks to the web site of the Senate dati.senato.itfor having released the data
  • Thanks to the web site of the Chamber dati.camera.itfor having released the data