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Write, play and have fun with CrazyTyping, the kid-ready keyboard app you can use to write in big letters whatever you want!

With CarazyTyping you have a full screen to fill up with all kinds of words and colorful stickers.

You can have fun in three ways: in the “free play” you can free your imagination and write all the words you like, add all the stickers you fancy and when the balckboard is full, you can wipe it and start all over again; in the “challenge” mode, you will be presented with words of increasing complexity, that you will have to type andwrite on the blackboard before the allowed time runs out; in the “custom” mode, you can create your own levels (up to 100).


  • 1 blackboard

and, in the “Free game”:

  • 9 colours to write in
  • 9 stickers to stick on the board
  • stickers and words can be rotated, scaled and moved using one or two fingers
  • words can be modified by double tapping them
  • single objects can be deleted or you can wipe clean the whole blackboard

in the “Challenge” mode:

  • 20 levels of increasing difficulty
  • typing is, at first, greatly simplified: the keyboard has only the keys needed to write the words
  • more keys are added as you progress in the levels
  • when the full keyboard is used, you get less time and longer words to type
  • the first 8 levels are helped by chalk drawings

in the “Custom” mode:

  • Level customization: you create your own levels (up to 100).
  • Level Duration customization
  • you can choose from different text and images for endings
CrazyTyping helps kids get accustomed to the keyboard, helping them memorizing the position of the letters on the keys while playing, and thus preparing them to use the keyboard in a more proficient way when they will grow up CrazyTyping graphics is by Chicchicken